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Our experience allows us to understand the nuances of dealing with multiple heirs, all with different desires and expectations and assisting to provide a balance in the world of sudden, or sometimes prolonged bereavement.


We understand, you have just inherited (or you have a client who just inherited) Papa’s lifelong gun collection and you are sad, you don’t want the collection, but you just don’t feel right going to a pawn shop, or the neighbor next door to get the weapons sold. What do you do? 


Summit Gun Auctions is the answer. Whether you are an Attorney, an Estate Planning CFA, or someone who is contemplating their personal disbursement call Summit Gun Auctions. We’ll do the rest!


Estate Liquidations, and Gun Trusts are our specialty. Summit Gun Auctions is a company run by licensed, award winning Auctioneers with years of Estate Experience. We are privileged to work with several attorneys, Judges, and other legal consultants to ease heirs through the sometimes difficult, emotional times and get their guns sold.


Utilizing an approach of empathy, we will methodically motion through the steps necessary to communicate with your attorneys, and other professionals to ensure the process is smooth and prosperous. 

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